A Change in Course is the fourth level of Mark of the Ninja.



Your target is hiding in Hessian tower, under heavy guard. You'll need to distract his forces before you can get inside.
1.Search the basement.
2.Find a way to start a fire.
3. Sabotage the gas main.
4. Open the vents (minimum of 3).
5. Start a fire.
6. Escape from the fire.



  • Terrify a guard by killing another with Spike Mine
  • Open all the gas vents
  • Kill two guards with a single chandelier.



  • One is located in the gas main room, under the floor next to the left-most wall.


  • This is the level players first acquire the Spike Mine.

Mark of the Ninja Levels
Outset: Hisomu-jo, Home of the Hisomu Clan
Ink & Dreams

Act I: Oshi City, the Urban Jungle
Breaching the Perimeter - The Trail of Shadow - A Change in Course - The Fall of Hessian Tower

Act II: Hessian Castle, the Fortress of Count Karajan
An Ancestral Home - Above a Bottomless Chasm - The Inner Keep - A Blade at His Neck

Act III: Tabriz, Source of the Sumi
A Shattered Stronghold - Set to Flight

Finale: Return to Hisomu-jo
The Return - Epilogue: A Moonlit Garden

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