Attack Items are offensive items that can be used to kill, cripple or terrorize guards.

Spike MineEdit

Main article: Spike Mine

The Spike Mine can be thrown on the ground to instantly kill the first guard to walk over it.

Once upgraded, it will no longer produce sound noticable by any enemy, allowing it to be thrown directly on top of an enemy for an immediate kill.

Hisomu Terror DartEdit

Main article: Hisomu Terror Dart

The Hisomu Terror Dart is used to terrorize guards, causing them to shoot wildly around them, possibly hitting other guards.

Once upgraded, the dart will kill the guard when it wears off.


Main article: Caltrops

Caltrops are, unlike other attack items, unable to kill guards and will instead cripple them, allowing for an easier escape or as a way to distract other guards.

It can't be upgraded.

Ravenous InsectsEdit

Main article: Ravenous Insects

Ravenous Insects is a multi-use tool that can either instantly kill a single guard, which will produce a lot of noise, or remove a dead body.

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