Progress in a level is partially marked by a players score (along with seals and scrolls). Each level has three tiers of scoring objectives (stars); reaching these levels rewards the player with Honor points to spend on upgrades. Players can increase their score through a number of actions, some of them level specific, but most of them involve using your skills as a ninja to either avoid detection, kill your enemies, or otherwise distract or disable them.

Here is a partial list of actions that reward a player by increasing their Score:

Artifact Recovered (+500)Edit

Note, that if you repeat a level where you've already obtained all the artifacts, you can still "collect" them for +500 each.

Scroll Recovered (+1000)Edit

Note, that if you repeat a level where you've already obtained all the scrolls, you can still "collect" the empty scroll stands for +1000 each.

Power Disrupted (+200)Edit

Door Release (+200)Edit

Pick Lock (+250)Edit

Free Ninja (+500)Edit

Guard bonusesEdit

Undetected (+200)Edit

You receive this bonus when you let a guard move past you while hiding (such as behind a vase, or inside a shadowed doorway), or when hovering close above them (such as hanging from the ceiling or a dangling from a grappling point). The arcing path traced by a Mark of Serenity teleport will also be considered for eligibility as an Undetected instance.

Distracted, Environment (+150)Edit

Only work on environmental one time objects like a light bulb, power boxes.

Distracted, Item (+150)Edit

Primarily Noise Maker and Distraction Flare although the effect on a Guard is identical to environmental, you will receive two distinct bonuses depending on whether or not the distraction was caused by a Distraction Item from the player's inventory, or an environmental source – most commonly lights. Thus if you use both types on the same Guard, you can receive a total of +300.

Disabling an enemy (+250)Edit

Terrorizing an enemy (+300)Edit

Kill bonusesEdit

Ninja Tool Kill (+600)Edit

Obtained by killing an enemy with a ninja tool; Spike Mines, upgraded Hisomu Terror Darts, Ravenous Insects and Fungal Spores.

Slippery Slope (+400)Edit

Obtained by killing an enemy with a tall drop. If an enemy stumbles backwards off a ledge (typically due to being Terrorized) and the fall distance is sufficient, it will result in this relatively slapstick demise. Note: Can be combined with Ninja Tool Kill (+600) and terrorized (+300) if the upgraded Hisomu Terror Darts is used (for a total of +1300).

Indirect Kill (+600)Edit

Obtained when enemies are killed by traps typically intended for you – such as hidden spike floors, wall-mounted dart launchers, hanging explosives in the Ruins, proximity-booby-trapped hiding spots like vases or statues, or turrets.

Object Kill (+600)Edit

Obtained when killing enemies with falling objects, such as chandeliers.

Friendly Fire (+600)Edit

Obtained when an enemy kills one of his friends. Usually because he's Terrorized.

Imperfect Kill (+200)Edit

Obtained by failing to execute a stealth kill.

Peasant's Death (+200)Edit

Obtained by finishing off an alerted enemy.

Stealth KillsEdit

Dead body bonusesEdit

Body Hidden (+250)Edit

Bodies can be hidden in vents, in closets, inside dumpsters, and other out of the way locations. Note that some locations can only hold a single body (e.g. dumpsters) while other can hold an unlimited number (e.g. vents). For single-body locations, you can still obtain the bonus for all bodies you hide there, but the other will "spill out" as you put new ones in. Also note that disabled guards that are placed inside closets or dumpsters will result in receiving this bonus as well. However, there is a glitch involving the use of disabled guards in that when you take them out, they become dead bodies and may cause you to lose the No Enemies Killed Bonus at the end of the mission <u>(Special Edition DLC).</u>

Oblivious (+400)Edit

You receive this bonus when you let a guard move past a hidden body (only work when inside a dumpster, or a closet). Note: Even disabled guards that are placed inside a dumpster or closet can still allow you to receive this bonus (Special Edition DLC).

Instances that decrease the players scoreEdit

Here is a partial list of actions that penalize a player by decreasing their Score

Body Found (-800)Edit

Once enemies have reached a dead body and inspected it, they will report it and you can lose score (-800) for letting a body be discovered. If you wish to avoid this, there is a short window of opportunity to eliminate the guard before he can call it in.

Detected (-800)Edit

This Happens when the guard gets a red ! over his head and not just when he spots you for half a second and needs to investigate

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