Throughout the course of the game, there are bonus challenges for a particular play style. Accomplishing three of the same challenge type unlocks a special costume with different effects on gameplay. There are seven outfits:

Path of the NinjaEdit

Costume path of the ninja
"The traditional garb of the Hisomu clan has served us well for hundreds of years."

The traditional clothing and equipment of clan Hisomu.

  • This is the starting outfit.
  • You have a sword to attack with, and can carry one distraction item and one attack item.

Path of the MarkEdit

Costume path of the mark
"You've received the final mark; your senses are keener and you can move so quickly it's as if you've vanished in the blink of an eye, however, you won't be able to carry as much equipment."

You can use the Mark of Serenity but you must leave behind Distraction Items.

  • This costume is gained during the game when the final tattoo is applied.
  • Has the ability to use the "Mark of Serenity" which allows the player to teleport.
  • Because you can use the Mark of Serenity, only one Attack Item can be equipped.

Path of MightEdit

Costume path of might
"Steel plates sewn under your sleeves will protect you from harm and make it easier to knock down your enemies, and any time you sneak up and kill a foe you'll recover your strength, but the heavy armor will make it more difficult to still your mind and focus your aim."

Reinforced armor provides additional protection and knocks down opponents faster, while Stealth Kills now restore health, however, focus no longer stops time.

  • This costume is gained by completing three 'Might' challenges.
  • Due to the fact that this costume is a suit of heavy armor:
    • You have more HP.
    • It is easier to knock down targets.
    • When locking onto targets with Focus, time will not freeze.
  • Assassinating a target while wearing this costume replenishes HP.
  • You can equip one Distraction Item and one Attack Item.

Path of the HunterEdit

Costume path of the hunter
"This cloth is infused with a reagent that calms and focuses the mind; you'll always strike true with your sword, but the cut of the cloth makes it hard to adjust your gear. Once you stock up for a mission, you won't be able to replenish your supplies."

Two Attack Items can be carried, and active Stealth Kills will automatically succeed; however, items will not be replenished at checkpoints.

You have two attack items, but this will mean that you will no longer have a distraction item.

  • This costume is gained by completing three 'Assassination' challenges (noted by the Dragon symbol).
  • Assassinations now no longer require a contextual button press to execute.
  • You can take two Attack Items with you, but items are not replenished when you reach a checkpoint. (However, you can replenish your items at any Supply Point by simply selecting the Path of the Hunter style again).

Path of SilenceEdit

Costume path of silence
"This rich dark fabric absorbs light and these softened tabi let you run without making any noise at all. You'll also be able to carry more gear, but the cloth will fray if it's exposed to metal, so you'll need to leave your sword behind."

Running makes no noise and two Distraction Items can be carried, however, there is no room for a sword.

  • This costume is gained by completing three 'Stealth' challenges.
  • Footsteps are completely muffled.
  • You do not activate motion sensors.
  • There is no room for a sword, and so you cannot assassinate targets.
  • You can equip two Distraction Items.
  • NOTE: You will still have a sword to assassinate major antagonists.

Path of NightmaresEdit

Costume path of nightmares
"This uniform has been infused with powder from the Oni Reed; you'll have less room for equipment, but your enemies will be far more likely to panic at your approach. Oh, and the mask? That's just for effect."

Enemies witnessing Stealth Kills become terrified, as do those that discover a dead body, however, you cannot equip any Distraction Items.

  • This costume is gained by completing three 'Terror' Challenges
  • Assassinations (and finding dead bodies) now have a tendency to Terrorize guards.
  • You cannot equip Distraction Items; you can only equip one Attack Item.

Path of WisdomEdit

Costume path of wisdom
"I always left my sword behind; too messy, too bulky. Better to get in and out without a trace, and if I had to take someone down, well, we did spend all that time training in jujitsu takedowns. With no sword, I had more space for other equipment, and since I never received the mark, I didn't mind a little extra gear."

You have a non-lethal takedown and can carry more of each of your items, however, you have no sword, you cannot use Farsight, and Focus will not stop time.

  • This costume is gained by completing the Special Edition DLC mission: A Tale from the Past.
  • You have no sword; you have a non-lethal takedown in the place of your Stealth Kills. (Enemies can still be killed through indirect means or attack items.)
  • When in Focus mode, time will not freeze.
  • Your item quantities are doubled.
  • You replenish two of every item when you reach a checkpoint
  • You cannot use Farsight.

Related AchievementsEdit

Image Name How to Unlock
What Could Have Been What Could Have Been Complete one of the original Mark of the Ninja levels using the Path of Wisdom.
Back to Bed With You Back to Bed With You Knock out an enemy again that was revived from being knocked out.


  • The Path of Nightmares' mask is an Oni Mask.
  • A bug causes eyes to disappear when looked at from the side (i.e. when walking, pushing a block, leaning against doors, etc.) when the Path of Silence is equipped.
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