Disabled is a temporary state an enemy can be in which makes it easy to dispatch them. Inflicting this state upon enemies increases your Score by 250. Certain enemies can only be defeated by first disabling them (e.g. Stalkers and Elite Guards )

Ways to Disable an EnemyEdit

Non-Lethal TakedownEdit

When disabling an enemy through jujutsu, such as with the Path of Wisdom, the disabled enemy will stay stunned permanently or until another guard revives them.

This effectively prevents guards from calling in a Body Found alert and also allows you to retain your No Enemies Killed Bonus at the end of the mission.

The non-lethal takedown does not require a contextual button press to execute and can even be done from a longer distance than from what can normally be expected with a stealth kill. The non-lethal takedown can only "mimic" however, four stealth kills techniques: Silent Assasin, Leap Of Faith, Hound's Slumber and A Brief Shadow.

Note: Although the non-lethal takedown does not require a contextual button press to execute, the takedown will fail if the target was facing you while you executed it. Elite Guards and Stalkers still require to be disabled by other means first in order for the non-lethal takedown to be successful.

Related AchievementsEdit

Image Name How to Unlock
Back to Bed With You Back to Bed With You Knock out an enemy again that was revived from being knocked out.
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