Distracted Guard

A distracted guard.

Distracted enemies have sensed something and tend to investigate the source of the distraction. Often, if there are two or more guards, only one will be sent to investigate the source. Distracting an enemy for the first time rewards players with +150 score.

Ways to Distract an EnemyEdit

  • Allow yourself to briefly be seen (e.g. in a flash of lightning, or just on the edge of their vision)
  • Use an distraction item within their sense radius
  • Allow a dead body to be seen within their sense radius
    • This can sometimes cause terror
    • Once enemies have reached a dead body and inspected it, they will report it and you can lose score (-800) for letting a body be discovered. If you wish to avoid this, there is a short window of opportunity to eliminate the guard before he can call it in.
  • ​Hitting an enemy with a bamboo dart will distract him, and marks the source to investigate as your location from which you threw the dart. This can be one of the best ways to lure a guard into a Prowling Spider Stealth Kill.