Distraction Items are items used to distract guards or keep the player out of sight.

Noise MakerEdit

Main article: Noise Maker

The Noise Maker is a firecracker, used to create sounds that can be used to make guards walk away from their posts, allowing the player to sneak by or assassinate him.

Once upgraded it can be detonated remotely, allowing for more precise use.

Although it has a lower range compared to the Distraction Flare, the sound goes through walls, allowing players to lure enemies through doors without risking detection by opening them.

Smoke BombEdit

Main article: Smoke Bomb

The Smoke Bomb leaves a cloud of smoke that blocks line of sight and allows the player to pass guards, or even lasers, undetected. It has no effect on guards with gas masks.

Once upgraded, it will choke and disable any guard that stays in the smoke for too long.

Distraction FlareEdit

Main article: Distraction Flare

The Distraction Flare functions similarly to the Firecracker but uses light to lure guards. This means that it has longer range but only functions if the guard can see the flare. It can also be used to blind enemies wearing gas masks.

Similarly to the Firecracker; once upgraded it can be detonated remotely.

Cardboard BoxEdit

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The Cardboard Box acts as a portable hiding spot. Allowing the player to hide in plain sight. It will be recovered when the players leaves it.

Once upgraded, stealth kills can be performed from the box. This will however cause the player to lose the box.

Dusk MothsEdit

Main article: Dusk Moths

The player throws out a cloud of large moths that blocks targeted lights and disables struck enemies an target lights or enemies for a short time.

It is only available with the purchase of the Special Edition DLC.

Mark of SerenityEdit

Main article: Mark of Serenity

Although not an actual distraction item; the Mark of Serenity is used for sneaking past guards and traps. It allows the player to teleport short distances without making any noise.

It is only available when using Path of the Mark, and replaces the distraction item.

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