Biographical information
Current statusDeceased
Physical description
Personal information
AlliesHisomu Clan, Marked Ninja
EnemiesAzai, Karajan
First appearanceMark of the Ninja
Dosan is a master tattooist and an ally of the Marked Ninja. He mastered the use of the ink distilled from the Sumi plant.


Dosan is most likely the oldest member of the Hisomu Clan. 50 years ago, he was sent to Tabriz to deal with the bandit situation. After this, he dedicated himself into protecting and studying the Sumi for the rest of his life. He is the one that gives the tattoos to the Marked Ninja and probably only real friend.


In the campaign, Dosan is captured by the bandits at Tabriz. He is later rescued by the Marked Ninja. After the Marked Ninja receives his final tattoos, he escapes with him and Ora after the stalkers finds them. During their escape, he is shot in the abdomen and succumbs to his wound. The Marked Ninja buries him in Tabriz before he leaves.

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