The towering Elite Guard is a tougher enemy who can be overheard verbally boasting of their own martial arts prowess. They must be disabled before they can be dispatched via Stealth Kill. They carry flashlights and short barrel shotguns which do double damage compared to Guards and Flare Guards. They first appear in "The Inner Keep".


  • Various methods can be used to disable elite guards, such as Caltrops, upgraded Smoke Bombs, Dusk Moths and some level-specific hazards such as exposed electrical wiring.
  • Repeated Melee attacks will eventually disable a guard temporarily, though will make the Elite guard to become alert and cause you to lose your No Alarms Raised Bonus at the end of the mission.
  • You can use melee attacks to disable a guard without raising alarms by only attacking from behind and then immediately hiding before he turns around and spots you. This must be repeated four times before he becomes disabled.
  • Alternatively they can be dispatched lethally in one shot via Friendly Fire, Object Kills or other environmental hazards, and with attack items such as upgraded Hisomu Terror Darts, Ravenous Insects, Spike Mines, and Fungal Spores.
  • They are not easily Terrorized. Only the Hisomu Terror Dart is capable of causing Elite Guards to panic.
  • They will not be terrorized if they witness other guards being killed by Ravenous Insects and will instead immediately raise an alarm.

Related AchievementsEdit

Image Name How to Unlock
The Humble Moth The Humble Moth Stun an Elite Guard with moths then dispatch him.
No One Lives Forever No One Lives Forever Stealth Kill an Elite Guard after stunning him.
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