The grappling hook is one of the Marked Ninja's primary tools. It can be used to swing between grappling points and to perch on top of lights and other high locations. Ora uses a grappling hook as well, using it to keep up with the ninja and guide him throughout his quest for vengeance.


In the Xbox 360 version, press the RB button when the grappling icon appears over a possible point. You can even use Focus to lock onto a specific point to grapple away immediately after using an attack or distraction item.

The Marked Ninja's Tools
Main Tools
Sword of Tetsuji - Bamboo Dart - Grappling Hook
Attack Items
Spike Mine - Hisomu Terror Dart - Caltrops - Ravenous Insects - Fungal Spores
Distraction Items
Noise Maker - Smoke Bomb - Distraction Flare - Cardboard Box - Dusk Moths
DLC Items
Dusk Moths - Fungal Spores
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