Hessian Services is a fictional security company located in Oshi City in the game Mark of the Ninja.


Hessian Services utilizes trained Guards and Guard Dogs, as well as high-tech Tripwires, Lasers, Motion Sensors and specialized equipment such as gas masks, night vision goggles, and Turrets. Aside from standard assault rifles, their troops come equipped with shields, flare guns, and automatic pistols, shotguns and powerful sniper rifles capable of killing someone in one shot. They also have at least one Helicopter and a Pilot.

Their main design flaw seems to be poor Fusebox design since they can be destroyed by a single bamboo Dart or one punch. The technology is also easy to adapt, allowing the feminine Stalkers to use bodysuits with built-in laser guns, respirators and night vision goggles in presumably less than a few days.

Areas of influenceEdit

The headquarters of Hessian Services, the Hessian Tower lies in Oshi City, where they have installations in several locations, including at least one that's an old building. Outside of Oshi city, they have wide systems in Hessian Castle and its catacombs, suggesting their services are world-wide, or at least going outside Europe.

History Edit

Hessian Services is possibly a security company that situated in Eastern Europe, most likely Poland, founded by Count Karjan. The build the influence around the world even recruiting capable soldiers. The Headquarters is at Karjan family castle.


Oshi City

Hessian Castle

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