Hisomu-jo ("place of Hisomu") is the compound where the Hisomu Clan lives in Oshi City. It is the setting of the outset and finale of Mark of the Ninja.


The compound resembles a traditional Japanese temple or castle, with a largely-open floor plan, wide courtyards, and wooden designs on the walls and columns. Aside from a few electric lights and other conveniences, the clan lives the same traditional lifestyle as they have for centuries.


After Azai stole military-grade gear from Hessian Services, the mercenaries assaulted the compound and killed many of the acolytes who lived there. The Marked Ninja rescued Azai, who set him on a mission to hunt down the mercenaries that attacked them and kill their leaders, Corporal Kelly and Count Karajan. After his final mission is completed, the ninja returns home to find out the truth of why Hessian attacked them.

Following a letter left by Dosan, the ninja goes to Tabriz to meet up with him. He then comes back to Hisomu-jo for one final showdown.


The first level of the game, Ink & Dreams, takes place at Hisomu-jo. The Marked Ninja comes home in The Return, wherein he ousts Azai and the rogue ninja who have sided with him, and makes the final decision whether to fulfill his vow or return honor to his clan in a Moonlit Garden.

Mark of the Ninja Levels
Outset: Hisomu-jo, Home of the Hisomu Clan
Ink & Dreams

Act I: Oshi City, the Urban Jungle
Breaching the Perimeter - The Trail of Shadow - A Change in Course - The Fall of Hessian Tower

Act II: Hessian Castle, the Fortress of Count Karajan
An Ancestral Home - Above a Bottomless Chasm - The Inner Keep - A Blade at His Neck

Act III: Tabriz, Source of the Sumi
A Shattered Stronghold - Set to Flight

Finale: Return to Hisomu-jo
The Return - Epilogue: A Moonlit Garden

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