"These darts are made from blowfish spine's coated in poison. Just one of these will plunge your target into a state of panic and terror; they'll attack any noise they hear. A more potent poison will stop the target just seconds after they're struck."

Dipped in a powerful hallucinogen, these darts can drive a normal man to terror and madness. With a more potent concoction, these darts destroy the victim's sanity and cause them to harm themselves.

  • Thrown like normal darts, but cause terror in most enemies.
    • After upgrading, these darts cause targets to commit suicide after a short time.


Stalkers that are effected by these darts will not shoot their friends, but stand still clutching their heads. With the upgraded darts, they will commit suicide after the normal amount of time. The relative ease of deployment, as well as the complete silence, makes the upgraded version likely the best attack item for killing stalkers, especially as, unlike the spike mine, it does not require its victims to be on the move.

When hit by Terror Darts, most enemies will turn around to face the opposite direction from where they were before they were hit in their initial freak out. This can be used by the player as an advantage to get as many Friendly Fire kills as you can, or to get enemies to stumble and fall off of high ledges.

Related AchievementsEdit

Image Name How to Unlock
Unstable Footing Unstable Footing Terrify a guard and cause him to stumble to his death.

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