Mark of the Ninja is a 2D stealth-platformer developed by Klei Entertainment, the creators of Shank. Players take on the role of a ninja, lurking in the shadows and dispatching foes using a variety of tactics. The official release date was September 7, 2012 for Xbox, October 16, 2012 for Steam/PC.


The official site describes the the game as follows:

You are a ninja who bears the mark — a tattoo whose ink bestows heightened senses, but at a terrible cost.

  • Observe… your enemies from the darkness, and use your agility to gain the high ground. Plan your line of action, and execute it before they discover you.
  • Manipulate… Your foes with simple yet versatile tools. Blow out lights with a bamboo dart, create a diversion with a child’s firecracker, and kill your prey with a deadly trap.
  • Experience… The tension and thrill of being a ninja — powerful but fragile, quick but deliberate.



The game features various upgradeable techniques. These include:


Distraction ItemsEdit

The game features various deception items that can be used to distract guards. These include:

Attack ItemsEdit

The game features various attack items that can be used to dispatch guards.


The game features several costumes which affect gameplay, and by extension, the player's strategy.


  1. Ink & Dreams
  2. Breaching the Perimeter
  3. The Trail of Shadow
  4. A Change in Course
  5. The Fall of Hessian Tower


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