The No Alarms Raised Bonus is a +3000 score bonus granted to the player upon completing the mission without alerting any guard or dog or raising any alarms.

An alerted guard are simply the ones that have a red circle above them.

Raising an alarm causes you to lose 800 score.

It is possible to alert a guard without raising an alarm.

- For example, quickly stealth killing a guard a split second right after he detected you will cause you to lose this bonus.

- A dog that is alerted to your presence will bark and not raise any alarms by itself, however will cause you to lose this bonus.

It is also possible to have alarms raised without alerting any guard.

- Have a guard discover the dead body of another, then hit them with an attack item such as a Hisomu Terror Dart. An alarm will immediately go off, and the guard will be dead/terrorized instead of alerted.

Related AchievementsEdit

Masterful Masterful Complete a level without getting detected.
Ghost Ghost Complete a level without killing any guards and without being detected.
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