The Sword of Tetsuji

The Sword of Tetsuji.

The Sword of Tetsuji is a weapon obtained in the game Mark of the Ninja during the level Ink & Dreams. It is used by the Marked Ninja.


The Hisomu save their swords until they can kill with one strike. This relic of the clan's founder has upheld this tradition for hundreds of years.

Tetsuji established the creed for the clan's use of swords at the very beginning. As opposed to samurai, who use a variety of moves in clever fencing against their opponents, the ninja of the Hisomu Clan would only draw their swords when they were ready to kill. Since these strikes would need to be quick and at very close range, Tetsuji made the sword very short and straight-edged. This also made it easier for a ninja to carry it on their back, as opposed to the belt like the samurai did, which could possibly inhibit the ninja's movement.

Eventually, Tetsuji's sword came to rest in the temple of the Hisomu Clan. When the compound was assaulted by Hessian Services, the Marked Ninja needed a weapon to keep his brethren from being slaughtered, and thus took the sword from its resting place.

The Marked Ninja's Tools
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Sword of Tetsuji - Bamboo Dart - Grappling Hook
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