Tabriz is the ancient city in the Middle East and the origin of the Sumi. It serves as the setting of the third act of Mark of the Ninja.


Since being abandoned by the original residents, the site has been overtaken by a great desert, whipped by sandstorms that have destroyed most of the structures as well as later societies built in its place. It is inhabited by bandits who have booby-trapped the ruins with improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and other lethal pitfalls.


Dosan travels to Tabriz when he discovers that all of the Sumi in Hisomu-jo are dead, suspecting treachery on Azai's part. He goes to the ruins to find surviving plants so that he can continue to make ink for the Mark. Unfortunately, the bandits kidnap him, intending to force him to give them the Mark so that they may have the same supernal powers that champion the Hisomu Clan wields. He lives just long enough to give the Marked Ninja the last tattoo, the Mark of Serenity.


Mark of the Ninja Levels
Outset: Hisomu-jo, Home of the Hisomu Clan
Ink & Dreams

Act I: Oshi City, the Urban Jungle
Breaching the Perimeter - The Trail of Shadow - A Change in Course - The Fall of Hessian Tower

Act II: Hessian Castle, the Fortress of Count Karajan
An Ancestral Home - Above a Bottomless Chasm - The Inner Keep - A Blade at His Neck

Act III: Tabriz, Source of the Sumi
A Shattered Stronghold - Set to Flight

Finale: Return to Hisomu-jo
The Return - Epilogue: A Moonlit Garden

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